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herd mentality, big potato games, board games for kids and adults


herd mentality, big potato games, board games for kids and adults


The Udderly Addictive Family Board Game

Herd mentality has a simple, black and white mission: write down the same answer as everyone else. Stick with the herd to win the game!

“What is the best flavour of ice cream? ” Or “Name a fruit that’s hard to juggle”.

Sounds simple? Wait until the mind games commence.

  1. Party game
  2. 4-20 players
  3. Games last 20 mins
  4. For ages 10+


HOW TO PLAY HERD MENTALITY: The Malicious Family Board Game

herd mentality, big potato games, board games for kids and adults herd mentality, big potato games, board games for kids and adults herd mentality, big potato games, board games for kids and adults


Read a question card to start the game. Your mission is to blend in with the herd, so each player must think of an answer that the majority of people will say.


Write down secretly your answer. After, everyone must reveal their answers one by one. If your answer is in the majority, you win cows (and who doesn’t love cows?!)


The first one to 8 cow coins wins. Everyone can join the herd! This game is perfect for ages 10+ (or anyone who can follow the rules).


herd mentality, big potato games, board games for kids and adults



  1. Herd Mentality is the udderly addictive family board game that everyone loves. All the family can join the herd.
  2. In this game beware of the pink cow. If your answer is the odd one you’ll get stuck with the pink cow of doom. You can’t win until you get rid of it by giving an answer that blends in!

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herd mentality, big potato games, board games for kids and adults



Herd Mentality – Reduced Packaging, Spin Master Games

10 reviews for Spin Master Games 6059191 Herd Menality Game, Board Games

  1. lauryn feliciano

    Such an easy fun game! Played it with some of my friends here at FSU and we could not stop laughing. Not too long of a game either but you can make rounds longer if you want to keep going! Definitely worth the money!

  2. Htaylor

    I love this game. Perfect for playing with your family.

  3. Randall Robbins

    I have been playing board games for quite some time and saw this on a YouTube channel and had to buy it. This game is one of the easiest games to pick up and play with pretty much anyone! Looking for a fun party game where you sometimes have some hilarious answers? This is it!My only critique is the amount of what if questions where it’s a question the followed with answers they provide. I found there to be quite a few of those as opposed to coming up with your own answer. That’s literally my only thing but that’s small.Get this game for your collection!

  4. Julie

    We played this game with a group of old friends. We had a great time. It is really easy to set up and rules are quick to understand. Lot’s of fun to play with plenty of laughs. Beautifully presented box too. This game would make a great family gift.

  5. Kat E

    Easy rules, questions can be sorted for entire crowd or if playing with kids…you could review if you are worried. Most questions are fine for all ages even our ministers’ family play with us.Amazing how folks answers can be so different or match others. We have so much fun. I have given to friends/family as a gift. Doesn’t take too long for a game from start to finish. I HIGHLY Recommend

  6. Yiyi

    Love the sweet little cow in this box! Fun game, easy to play in-person AND adapts easily to play with a group over Zoom / Meet, etc. video conferencing. Only takes about 5 mins to pick up the rules.BONUS: The box is fuzzy which is unexpected and delightful.

  7. K. Smith

    Serious board gamer here who was looking for something very simple to play with kids or non gamers. This looked like fun so I bought it and was not disappointed. Game explanation takes 30 seconds and set up is fast so it hits the table quickly. I played with my teenagers who like complicated board games and even they liked it. Great for as young as 8 easily. Plays well with 4 people and larger groups are even more fun.A couple of nitpicky points. The black on the box is fuzzy so it collects dust really quickly and is impossible to clean. Also the box has a lot of empty space in it. If it was packaged more compact it would be more easily portable.You should buy this game. Got for literally everyone. Grandparents, kids, drinking buddies, adult friends, coworkers…Literally everyone will like this.

  8. Amazon Customer

    Great game to play with a large crowd. Lots of fun

  9. Amazon Customer

    This game is so cute!! I love how you can play it just as easily with 5 people or 20. Some games claim themselves as multiplayer party games but then become too complicated or messy once you try to play them with more than a few people. However, this one is so simple and works inherently with a big group that it’s perfect for big parties or family nights! It’s got enough unique little touches that it’s not too simple, but you can still explain the rule in literally 30 seconds.I also love this adorable pigpen set up in the middle. You can keep all your tokens and the little rubber pink pig scattered in the middle. Not only would it not look messy since it’s designed to have a rustic look, but it also makes the game’s “bank” job so much easier to do!! People can just grab their tokens out of the pen themselves.(Side note: after buying a couple Big Potato games, I noticed that the stickers they send in the games are customized according to each game! This sticker has a little lasso for the cow herding, and another deception-based game has a sneaky looking potato. I’m so excited to check my other games now, and it’s really unexpected touches like this that make buying indie games all worth it!)

  10. Amazon Customer

    Great game for groups! Similar to Family Feud, in the sense that the answers you guess are what you think the “majority” of the people will be guessing. Basically you get more points by guessing the most popular answer. Fun way to go through everyone’s answers and see what they think of how other people think!

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Spin Master Games 6059191 Herd Menality Game, Board Games
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