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Build Like A Mortal Win Like a God

Do you have what it takes to join the pantheon of winners? Build like a mortal and win like a God in the game of Santorini! Created by mathematician and educator Gordon Hamilton, this pure strategy game requires players to sharpen their wits! Everyone can gather around Santorini and face-off in a build-to-the-finish.

What’s in the box?

  1. 22 Bottom Blocks
  2. 18 Middle Blocks
  3. 14 Top Blocks
  4. 18 Domes
  5. 6 Builders
  6. 30 God Cards
  7. 1 Play Board
  8. 1 Decorative Cliff
  9. 1 Instruction Sheet

How to Play

Move, build and win – but it may not be that easy! To begin, players use their blocks and builder pieces to move into neighbouring spaces on the board. The first one to build a 3-story structure wins! Along the way, players may end up between a rock and a hard place. When divine intervention is necessary, each player can use their God card to bend or break the rules, according to their will.

Develop Strategy Skills

Facing-off against opponents in the game of Santorini is a great way for kids and adults alike to develop critical thinking! Players will need to anticipate other players’ moves and think on the spot when a God card is used! Not only fun and exciting, this game is a great way to hone analytical skill.

Fun for Kids and Adults

Simple enough for a child to grasp, but complex enough to challenge an adult, Santorini is a great option for family game night. Since players determine the level of difficulty, each game can be tailored! Kids can face off against their friends, or adults can challenge each other in this battle of pure strategy. With so much to explore Santorini is the board game fit for the Gods.

Stunning Game Set

Not just fun and challenging, the game of Santorini is as beautiful as its namesake. The picturesque board and building blocks are reminiscent of Greek architecture and are designed to make play even more enjoyable! Bring the Mediterranean into your living room with Santorini.


10 reviews for Santorini – Strategy-Based Board Game

  1. C Nixon

    Fantastic two player game which can be played with 3 or 4 players. Great strategy somewhat like chess and tic-tac-toe. Beautiful gameboard. Short gameplay or approx. 20 minutes, so useful for playing after the kids go to bed, or at a games night with others between longer games. You play first with newbies without god cards, then add the simple god cards after a few plays and advanced after that. It is easy for a new player to pick-up the game.

  2. inachpet

    Regarder un tutoriel pour apprendre le jeu facilite la tâche.Jeux à deux rapide et agréablePlusieurs variantes possibles à cause de cartes spéciales.Je joue avec mon fils de 10 anson se fait un p’tit santorini?

  3. Steve Galliford

    After reading glowing reviews I was looking forward to playing Santorini. Or maybe it was thought of being back in Greece during a rainy west coast Canadian winter. Either way, I was not disappointed. This game is simply brilliant. I’m not certain it would work well as a three or four player game but for 2 players, it’s great. I highly recommend playing a few simple games first, then move on to God Powers. That’s where we can really see all the thought put into Santorini. I’ll admit I like this game more than my partner but she could play Super Big Boggle & Ticket to Ride Switzerland (or London) 24/7. Some said that Santorini is like tic-tac-toe plus chess. Maybe. But so much better. You’ll need to think and strategically plan ahead but the effort is worth it. Simple & fun with infinite replay value. Santorini adds a little Greek sunshine to our day every time we play.

  4. Jovack22

    If you want a “simple to learn, hard to master” game where the smarter player always wins, this is what you’re looking for. The production quality is wonderful too, if you want a beautiful looking game.It plays a lot like the end game of a chess match where you have few pieces, and each move is very important. Very strategic.Special cards can add individual powers, to add more variety to your games. While the asymmetry makes for a less “serious” game, it still maintains the depth and fun. Some of these cards turn the game into a more tactical experience rather than a more drawn out strategic battle. It has the option for a 3-player game, which turns it into less of a head to head battle of wits, and a bit more of a chaotic match (since your fate is no longer strictly your own, and if people gang up on you, there’s nothing you can do) — obviously this is more for silly fun, rather than strategic fun.Strongly recommended to more cerebral players. I laughed at the reviews calling it “dull, boring” — one person’s criticism was that he didn’t want to put in the mental effort to find the winning move. An abstract is only as engaging and deep as those playing it… I’ll leave it at that. I’m not trying to sound pretentious here, but it’s like people criticizing Go because it is “too boring” — missing how deep and incredibly crazy the game can get.Again, like chess/go, this game is best with those at similar skill levels. Better players will almost always win — there is no luck, or wacky comeback mechanism that will let someone pull out a free win. Against an opponent of comparable skill, you’ll have some extremely tense matches, full of opportunities where you can lay traps, block opponents, etc.So not for everyone, but not everything is supposed to be. If you want a game that requires thinking to win, get yourself a copy.

  5. JC R

    Great strategy game! It’s kinda like chess reimagined, with new rules. Everyone I’ve played with has enjoyed it, it gets quite intricate. My girlfriend is tired of playing it with me cause I keep winning 🙁 I think I’ll have to throw a couple of games to her so she can start liking it again.

  6. Tie

    Game delivered within a week. All the game parts were in good condition.Recommend playing with no god cards first time you team then play with them.Game also suggests that.Only 6 figures come in game. Says plays 4 people but you will need to make your own 2 additional figures if you want to have them join in.I think the first print had a swivel base? This one does not. It would be nice to have that to help see all angles.

  7. theFatih

    A great strategy game that can be played in 3 different levels: without god cards, with simple gods, and with advanced gods.Different gods bring different possibilities so the game is very replayable.Recommended to board game geeks that look for Chess or Go like games that can be entertaining for younger kids.

  8. Alex C

    Fun little game. It requires the same type of forward thinking and planning chess does and it’s a blast to play. Each player has 2 pieces. You move a piece and build a part of a building. You can play with or without god powers. God powers change the abilities your pieces have and make the game a lot more interesting. The game works well with 2 or 3 players. Although it CAN be played with 4 players, it’s basically 2vs2.This is a great game that can get competitive fast. The rounds are fairly short and it makes for a great in between games game. I would buy it again. 5 stars.

  9. Sarah-Jane

    Santorini is a great game that works well for 2 players or 4 players. It is really designed as a 2-player game and works best that way, but also works well enough as 2 teams of 2.The strategy of the game is really neat and requires looking ahead at least a turn or two. The Gods add a really neat dimension by changing the rules and generally seem to keep the game balanced.It’s an excellent game for our 2 kids to play together.

  10. Amazon Customer

    My days of complex games, big rule books and hours to play are far behind me. This is the opposite of all that but like chess easy rules does not make for an easy game. Still takes concentration and a good strategic mind to excel at this game. Excellent two player game.

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Santorini – Strategy-Based Board Game
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