Do your kids love to build and create?

The Meccano Junior 150-Piece Free Play Bucket is perfect for them! With over 150 parts, 2 tools and instructions for 3 models, they can build again and again!

The easy-to-use parts and tools make it simple for kids to put together their creations. The parts snap and lock together, while the bolts hold everything in place. Plus, the redesigned parts and tools are even easier for kids to use!

As kids piece together their builds, they’ll feel just like real engineers! They can disassemble and invent their own creations, gaining confidence with every build.

So what are you waiting for? Get your kids the Meccano Junior 150-Piece Free Play Bucket and let their imaginations run wild!

Meccano Junior

Meccano Junior

Meccano Junior, 150-Piece Free Play Bucket

With 150 Parts, 2 Real Tools & Reusable Bucket

Let your imagination run wild with the Meccano Junior 150-Piece Free Play Bucket! With this STEAM kit, kids can follow the instructions to complete 3 builds and inspire their creativity, then build their own creations! The bucket includes 150 pieces and 2 easy-to-use tools for endless building possibilities. As your child assembles their creations, they’ll learn how principles from science, technology, engineering, arts, and math are practically applied. For easy clean up, store spare pieces in the reusable bucket and attach the tools to the lid. Bring home the Meccano Junior 150-Piece Free Play Bucket, perfect for first-time builders!


  1. 150 Parts
  2. 2 Tools
  3. 1 Plastic Bucket
  4. 1 Instruction Sheet (for 3 Models)

Unlimited Building Possibilities

With 150 parts and 2 easy-to-use tools, kids can follow the instructions to assemble a car, robot, or space shuttle, or use their imagination to create their very own builds. The 150-Piece Bucket is the perfect way to inspire creativity!

Easy-to-use Parts and Tools

Meccano Junior STEAM building kits all feature redesigned parts and tools, making it so easy for young inventors to build their creations. Nuts snap and lock right onto parts, and bolts hold pieces together as kids create!

Great for First-Time Builders

The 150-Piece Bucket is the ultimate set for the first-time builder. The easy-to-follow instructions are the perfect place to start to inspire creativity. As kids assemble their creations, they’ll feel just like real engineers and gain confidence with every build!



Ideal for first-time builders, this STEAM building kit comes with an easy-to-follow instruction sheet for three different builds to inspire creativity. With redesigned parts and tools, its easier than ever before for kids to build a car, robot, space shuttle and more! Kids can snap nuts onto parts to make them lock; and use the bolts to hold pieces together and stay in place as they build. As your young inventor assembles their very own creations, they’ll learn how principles from science, technology, engineering, arts and maths are practically applied. Once they complete their first build, kids will feel an incredible sense of satisfaction! With so many pieces to use, your child can let their imagination run wild to assemble their own creations (all while building confidence). Proudly display your child’s new builds or attach the tools onto the lid and store the pieces in the reusable bucket for later. With the Meccano Junior 150-Piece Free Play Bucket, the building possibilities are endless!

Color Name

Open-Ended Play Bucket, Pull Back Buggy, Rescue Fire Truck


Junior Sets

9 reviews for Meccano Junior, 150 pcs Bucket STEAM Model Building Kit for Open-Ended Play

  1. Ann R.

    Great Birthday gift. Great building and thinking you, I like that you can make different things with this beginner set.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Hopefully my 5 year old grandson will begin a new adventure with this first step Meccano product. He has so many Lego blocks he could probably build the Empire state bldg so this will be a nice change. Looking forward to hours of pleasure with this new toy… I hope the grandson is too…

  3. Gros Pierre.

    Parfait pour un jouet et apprendre a la monter.


    Acheter en cadeaux pour mon neveu et trés content du produit et la boite est parfaite pour servir de rangement pour autre mécano.

  5. Chantal chagnon

    Un peu difficile pour large mentionner, l’enfant à eu besoin de laide du parents poir comprendre le plan

  6. Serge

    Nice addition to our previous Meccano kit from 2015. The good: 1. Plastic is still tough (mostly) and feels rugged. 2. Oblong parts, bolts and nuts now have small notches that help keep them in place. 3. Interoperability between kit generations. The bad: 1. Plastic wrench is not so tough and starting to dent in places of high tension. Should be more rigid. 2. Outside dimensions of square nuts are smaller then they should be in order to be properly fixed inside the slots of the corner pieces. But that’s nit-picking, really. Overall: 5 stars.

  7. M. F.

    Wonderful toy – great service. Strongly recommended.

  8. StarDragonExe

    My godson really likes this Model Building Kit.These models are easy to assemble.

  9. gail laporte

    I like that my grandsons will be able to put this together by themselves. They’ll love it

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Meccano Junior, 150 pcs Bucket STEAM Model Building Kit for Open-Ended Play
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