Many professionals prefer the flexibility and durability of plastic cards. The Bicycle Prestige cards offers unmatched durability and is the only 100-Percent plastic card to offer a paper-like feel. Perfect for a neighborhood game or a professional tournament.


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Bicycle, quality playing cards since 1885!

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The Leading Brand of Playing Cards

Since 1885, Bicycle playing cards continue to offer 100s of ways to create your next memory. From 100s of classic card games, to magic tricks that amaze. No matter who you are or how you play Everyone’s Got Game with a Bicycle deck of playing cards.

Available in many sizes and designs

Bicycle playing cards are sold in a variety of decks styles and designs. Bicycle cards are made in USA and are manufactured with an air-cushion finish for ease of dealing, shuffling, and play.

Turn get-togethers into something epic

Bicycle has a long-standing tradition of producing quality, fun and family-friendly products that bring people together.

Games By Bicycle

10 reviews for Bicycle Deck Prestige

  1. A.

    Best playing cards I have ever used. One you try these you’ll never want to use cardboard cards again

  2. Amazon Customer

    I’ve used them 4 nights a week for last 7 weeks and they are still like new. Never go back to regular cards.

  3. Muhammad

    They liked it. Cards are slippery and don’t like to stack when playing a game but it’s nice to know they will stand up to abuse over time

  4. ZuhAnw

    I ordered these and the copag bridge sized cards. My only issue with these cards were they are a tad too slippery, beyond that I am very satisfied with this product. Comes in a nice case and I would recommend these to a casual user looking to upgrade form paper cards.

  5. Margaret

    Great cards! The look and feel is quality.

  6. Nelso T

    best thing yet! hard to get use to from regular bicycle decks.. but after its a charm

  7. Bijoya Deb

    Very smooth and easy to shuffle. Dont bend.

  8. Amazon Customer

    this deck of card is made with 100% plastic wich gives it different characteristics, i will list them below:1) it’s very slippy.2) it is heavier than normal deck.3) it’s noiser than standard cards (especially when shuffling and when there is friction).4) more durable than regular deck and it last longer.5) good for driblling and for spring card flourish, and any tricks that require flexibility.6) not good for double lift, but it can be done.7) generally bad for magic, cards falls down.this is my personal opinion and its not necessary to be yours!

  9. Tim S

    Knowing they are so durable, we take them with us everywhere. Only thing I’d like to see is a better box for them that takes up less room.

  10. Behnam Banihashemi

    The cards have a great feel to them somewhere between paper and plastic. Quite nice to shuffle and handle. The box is also nice and handy. Great price for the superb quality.

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Bicycle Deck Prestige
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