It’s important to look your best. And with just the right amount of adhesive, Scotch-Brite lint rollers make it easy to keep your clothes lint, hair and fuzz-free. Roll your clothes on the way out, touch-up before a meeting, or remove unwanted pet hair-uses are endless.

10 reviews for Scotch Brite Value Pack Lint Roller 5 Pk – 400 Sheets

  1. Stephen Griffin

    I use these like they are going out of style and always will. I hate lint on my clothes, dust on my furniture etc, etc, etc…These work better than all the others just be careful at times if you are in a hurry a roll too quickly at first they at times unroll on you and you end up wasting 3-5 sheets so when you rip off a used piece press down firmly and slowly for 3-4 full rolls and off you go without any issues….

  2. Nathalie Jeffrey

    Je les utilisent depuis des années , ils sont essentiels à l entretiens de ma maison avec des animaux , a mon avis , pour en avoir essayée plusieurs autres marques ils sont les meilleurs !

  3. Catherine

    we love these and buy them alot. But the last package was hard to rip off the strips.. maybe not perforated enough. None the less we will continue to use them


    I received the order promptly. Being a pet owner some sort of fur removal item is required for personal wear and furniture. I have tried dozens of other options bit the 3M sticky rolls work consistently, everytime. I always have an extra five pack on hand

  5. Beth C.

    I live in a house with 4 animals and I love to wear all black… needless to say Lint Rollers are my best friend. This is a great value pack and these lint rollers are great. My go to value pack to purchase when I run out!

  6. Trish

    Handy to use when doing scratch and wins (or scratch and loses!). Especially good if you have pets.

  7. Julie m.

    Très bon, il enlève beaucoup de poile. De plus c’est vraiment une bonne offre qu’on ne retrouve pas dans les magasins typique seulement dans les Costco. Je recommande fortement car il a un très bon prix, facile a utiliser et très simple.

  8. France Burelle

    J’adore ces brosses. C’est le seul produit qui enlève bien les poils de mes chats sur mes vêtements de travail.

  9. Jenny

    The media could not be loaded.

     It’s sticks to what you want to pickup .I love it

  10. Ken R.

    Oliver meows every morning, jumps into my arms and is not satisfied until he has had a thorough ‘rolling’ with the Scotch Brite! While he stands in his tree, he gets a brushing and then a firm rolling. Two or three sheets captures the left over hair and actually dislodges some extra. He likes the roller all over, even on his face and around his ears, always purring with great contentment! After he’s been ‘Scotch Brite groomed’, I use another sheet on my clothing to quickly pick up some of his hair.

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Scotch Brite Value Pack Lint Roller 5 Pk – 400 Sheets
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