Barbie Skipper Babysitters Inc. dolls and playsets let kids explore their nurturing side as the babysitter with a Skipper or friend doll, a baby or toddler doll and furniture and accessories matched to classic childhood moments. Choose from babysitting sets themed to feeding time and pool play. Each set has a fun feature to add inspiration to storytelling: the hungry small doll’s face goes from clean to dirty and back with water activation, and the toddler doll can make a splash in her pool that can be really filled with water. With so many pieces to inspire storytelling, there are endless babysitting adventures to imagine and reimagine.


Barbie Barbie Barbie



Barbie dolls and playsets help kids dream up adventure, discover new passions and design their world because when a girl plays with Barbie, she imagines everything she can become!



10 reviews for Barbie Skipper Babysitters, Inc. Dolls and Party Time Playset, Black Hair

  1. Lesley

    Granddaughter loves the dolls. The only problem is the high chair doesn’t stand up very well.

  2. gogo cat

    this is a barbie babysitters toy set, that includes a skipper doll, baby doll, higher chair and some accessoriesbarbie product is always beautiful and to the detail, the high chair is realistic and foldable, with a removable tray, my little girl likes it a lothowever, the baby couldn’t sit very well in the baby seat, easy to fell especially without the tray, also little accessories is not easy to mount properly (i.e headband)anyway, it’s nice to have a new member to my little girl’s barbie family, they have so much fun from these little dollsi’m satisfied with this product, would recommend

  3. It’s like this

    This skipper babysitter set is great for any Barbie fans looking to expand their collection especially with the addition of the baby and the highchair. It’s quite cute that if you wipe the babies face with cold water, Face appears messy as if she is just eaten what have you done you some warm water to clean her face it disappears. It’s also includes a little toy train that fit inside the gift box which again is a nice touch especially if you’re going to incorporate this place it into a larger set up. Of course being Barbie brand the figures are both excellent and skipper can be set up however you want.

  4. Amazon Customer

    I purchased this for my 3 year old niece and she is soo in love with her new doll.

  5. N Russell

    This is a great toy in many ways. Firstly, it is nice to to see that Barbie is making dolls from all ethnic backgrounds. Now all children can find a toy they can identify with which is great.Now, the amount of detail put into this toy is fantastic. With Barbie dolls, I always like seeing details and many accessories to go along the main doll. Obviously, this doll has just that as it is a bit more than just the doll, it’s a play set.The Barbie bay sitter is super well made. Lovely hair and a beautiful dress. She has a heart balloon on her hand too. There are other accessories too such as a party hat, a gift, a baby bottle, etc.Now the baby is super cool. It looks great and is well made and has its own high chair. Now, the coolest thing is that something happens when you apply cold/hot water to its face. The baby loves cake and when you wet his face with either hot or cold water, you can make cake mess appear and disappear on his face as if it’s been eating and the baby sitter has clean the mess up!This is a great play set that offers a lot of options for children to make up little stories they can play out with their dolls. Lovely doll and baby with lots and lots of accessories. Recommended!!

  6. Quiverbow

    Is there anything left to be said about Barbie? Wearing a party dress of sorts, this doll isn’t actually Barbie herself, but one in the Skipper range the babysitter who is trying to keep the child quiet with a toy train, a balloon and a cake. But, as with all things Barbie related, other elements will be brought into play to fuel the imagination of the user.You won’t have any idea what’s going on but they will. And that’s what it’s all about.

  7. Addicted2Amazon

    It is Mattel, right? It is Barbie, ok? You should know the rest LOL! It is excellent quality, it is a well thought out set and your little one will adore it, if they are into dolls! My niece is and she loved the dool from the get go! Unfortunately, as I write this review, we have already..say misplaced…the rest of the set, but the actual doll is still as good as a month ago, albeit her hair is in a different style and some of it is even shorter on one side… God! But, despite all the dragging, knocking, throwing, bending and whatevefr else a 4 year old may think the appropriate play entails, it is still in one piece and lookig cheerful! LOL! Highly recommended!

  8. Hearmeout

    This is a great Babrie doll, good value for money as you get the baby, high chair and accessories with it. All the exisiting barbie accessoires and clothes we have seem to fit fine. It’s great to see a good range of Barbies these days rather than the typical blonde traditional ones. Children like variety and this is a good set to get.Great quality as you would expect from Barbie and Mattel. Great quality craftmanship that stands the test of times. We have Barbies in our house over 20 years old and still play as new. The dolls have great detail and colour. The hair can be styled and the limbs can be positioned. I wish they would get rid of the plastic packaging to be a bit more eco friendly, but apart from that another excellent addition to our ever expanding Barbie doll collection.

  9. Love reviewing

    This barbie comes nicely packaged and comes with a toddler in a highly chair along with some accessories- a heart shaped balloon, cake, present, train toy, party hat and bottle. The barbie doll has darker skin and a pretty pink sprinkles dress. She has lovely Afro hair and nice facial detailing. When the toddlers face gets wet it shows a messy face (like it has been eating) this can be achieved by using the cake to wet the face- it has a sponge in the middle which you can wet.

  10. SixtyOne

    Barbie Skipper Babysitters Inc Dolls and Accessories.My niece absolutely loves her “Barbie dolls’, she was over the moon with this set. The quality of the doll and accessories are the usual high standards. The recommended age range for this set is 3+. The purchase price at time of writing is £24.09, which I think is good value. Kudos to Mattel for making dolls with more diversity.[4 images attached]

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Barbie Skipper Babysitters, Inc. Dolls and Party Time Playset, Black Hair
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