Euchre from Bicycle Playing Cards is specifically made for the game of Euchre. Each pack includes two pre-stripped playing card decks for four-player Euchre games consisting of cards 9 through Ace and four sets of blank scoring cards. The two decks can be easily separated by color – one deck is light blue and the other is dark blue. These cards are perfect for Euchre game nights! No need to sort through several decks of cards to pull out the cards you need. Just grab a Euchre Deck and you are good to go. And with Bicycle playing card’s premium look and performance, you can’t go wrong! This playing card deck features custom-colored and enlarged court cards and the classic Bicycle Riderback design. The playing cards are printed on Bicycle Thin Crushed Cardstock for a premium play experience and utilize Bicycle’s proprietary Classic Air Cushion Finish for unmatched shuffling and dealing performance. Euchre from Bicycle will have you playing your favorite trick-taking game over and over with friends and family alike.


About Us

The United States Playing Card Company creates the playing cards. For over 130 years, we have been called ‘First in Fun’ for bringing people together in the name of good games and company. We’re all about the cards, the games, and the experiences they create. Bicycle Playing Cards are the widely used playing cards in the world. Gather your friends and family. There’s never been a better time to unplug, shuffle, and play a game of cards.

8 reviews for Bicycle Euchre Playing Card Deck – 9 Through Ace – Double Deck , Blue

  1. Alex T. Nguyen

    Multiple decks means you can get a couple tables going at the same time.

  2. J Michael Perez

    Great product should gives year of fun play

  3. KVT

    These were a gift and the recipient really likes them. Love that there’s actually 2 decks so if you wear one out, you’ve still got the other. He’s been winning more since he got these!! 😂

  4. Bayly

    On a funny note, we always keep score with two 5s. They send a 6 and 10.

  5. pauline

    Play cards with the girls every week!

  6. J. G. Shafer

    I play euchre with friends and we bought these for them. Standard Bicycle playing cards with 2 decks 9-ACE for play. A little pricey for but with two sets, you can use them for a while without replacing them.

  7. Erin O’Brien

    I had a very old deck of Piatnik left handed cards that I bought in a dollar type store 20 years ago at least. I am not the biggest card player but for the amount I played they lasted a long time. No complaints.I was looking for a new deck and found the same left handed cards but I got two decks instead of one. They just arrived and they look beautiful and luxurious. I will be using them shortly for a game of euchre and I have no doubt as they are from the same company I will have very durable cards.They travelled a long way to reach me and in all honestly it really did not take that long in the grand scheme of things.

  8. Gerald Heeren


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Bicycle Euchre Playing Card Deck – 9 Through Ace – Double Deck , Blue
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