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NERF Halo MA40 Motorized Dart Blaster — Includes Removable 10-Dart Clip, 10 Official Elite Darts, and Attachable Rail Riser , White

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Nerf Halo

Nerf Halo

Nerf Halo MA40

The Nerf Halo MA40 blaster is inspired by the one in Halo Infinite, capturing the look of the blaster from the next chapter in this legendary video game franchise!

Imagine yourself as the Master Chief and go into battle against the alien alliance! Challenge opponents with this motorized, clip-fed blaster that unleashes 10 darts in a row. It comes with a removable, 10-dart clip and 10 Official Nerf darts, enough to fully load the clip. The Nerf Halo MA40 blaster includes a game card with a code to unlock a digital asset in the Halo game. To start playing, hold down the acceleration button to power up the blaster’s motor, then press the trigger to fire 1 dart. Press the trigger again to fire another dart. It comes with a rail riser that attaches to the blaster’s tactical rail, so you can customize the blaster with Nerf accessories.

10 reviews for NERF Halo MA40 Motorized Dart Blaster — Includes Removable 10-Dart Clip, 10 Official Elite Darts, and Attachable Rail Riser , White

  1. Benjamin DanielBenjamin Daniel

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     Works great, kids love them! If you put the batteries in and can’t hear the blower when you hold the lower button, make sure the clip is inserted in the gun and that to hatch is shut. I showed them in the pictures. If those are open, it won’t turn on.

  2. Byron J.Byron J.

    My son and I bought this to add to our Halo collection. It operates with spinning wheels, which is both a blessing and a curse. It’s less power hungry than older Nerf models, and uses a similar method as the Elite 2.0 line.I love the bullpup design, which matches the game’s weapon. After I paint it, I’ll be using it for cosplay as well as nerf battles.One nice thing is that the magazine uses the same design as other Nerf guns, so you’re not limited to the one it comes with.

  3. SteveSteve

    This is close to the actual halo assault rifle. The body itself is accurate as is the magazine placement. The only things that aren’t accurate are the position of the “ammo counter”, it’s slightly too far forward and the other thing would be the charge handle but since this is a nerf gun and that part is non functional I’m just being picky but it would be nice if it actually moved when the gun fired.Really I bought this so I could take it apart, paint it, age it and then display it and if that’s your goal too then you will probably like the results.Even if that isn’t why you bought it, it is still a good nerf gun. It’s easy to load the magazine and it’s battery operated with 1 trigger pull shooting 1 dart. It was also a pretty good price, at least when I bought it.

  4. Anthony Cross

    Firstly: the package arrived in excellent condition.Secondly: as far as licensed NERF blasters go? The toy is excellent in almost every aspect; showcasing a wonderfully recreated 1-to-1 scale replica of Halo Infinite’s premier MA40 assault rifle.When originally seeing the advertising, I wasn’t 100% sure how well something like this could be executed, seeing how the previous attempt with BOOMco’s MA5 had to greatly compromise the design to make it functional, resulting more of an oddball approximation rather than a proper recreation.Happily the MA40 is no such slouch, with a sturdy weight that feels well balanced without being cumbersome, enough overall length to comfortably fit against the shoulder, and a raised cheek-rest for aiming (or rather “eyeballing” since it has no sights) resulting in a rather pleasant to use dart gun.The only other minor mention I have for the design is the attached charging-handle on the left of the gun can sometimes poke or catch on things if not careful (including the user) and will get in the way when trying to store it in the box it came in. Use caution when trying to remove it, as it is both difficult and precarious.So how does it function as a dart blaster? Perfectly fine. It shoots foam darts from a 10-round magazine, using a small motor powered by C-Batteries; pretty much like any other motorized NERF gun.Final note: the only minor negative point I had with the MA40 was it’s price of $49.99 USD; it’s kind of a lot (In my option at least). While I consider it by no means a deal-breaker, $50 is a fairly high price for a NERF gun, especially if you want to buy multiples (for gifts, cosplay, modding, etc.)Outside of that, if one does have the money to spend, then it is definitely worth it. This is one Halo fan very much happy with his purchase!9.9/10, excellent!

  5. Caroline Bingham

    Boyfriend loves it! Never too old for Nerf Guns. Although I get pelted everytime I walk into our living room, it’s great quality!

  6. Myles G. TrottmanMyles G. Trottman

    I just wanted something Halo related, since I can’t play Halo Infinite until next year. This blaster is my first one in 10 years and I’ll say if you’re a Halo fan you should get this blaster. It is surprisingly put well together, shoots pretty accurate, and feels comfortable to hold too. Only problem I have is the coloring, wish it was all Master Chief Green

  7. Amazon Customer

    I’ve always wanted a functional full size Halo Assault Rifle, and this blaster delivers. It has a surprisingly snappy trigger for a Rayven style blaster, and performs well for having such a long barrel. On the downside, It is hefty, so I wouldn’t recommend it to younger kids, however the MA40 is also one of the most comfortable and ergonomic blasters I have held. Combining that with its iconic look, it is definitely worth the price tag. Can’t wait to paint it!

  8. BBBB

    This blaster is Beautifully Detailed and well scaled. Its a bit larger than the Boomco Blaster so it fits a Spartan much better.As a Nerf Blaster: Its pretty solid and fires well. Its a flywheel blaster so its got the speed and range. I have only noticed 2 cons, that being that mine tends to cram and jam darts. And the second being that the Magazine release is in a very awkward spot.As A cosplay Prop: This blaster is amazing. Details, Scale, moddability are perfect. Its very Accurate to the halo model. Thought the small thumb hole may give larger cosplayers with bigger armored hands some trouble. Its a good plastic to be taken appart sanded and painted as ive seen MANY in the 405th do. Its essentially the must have AR for all Spartans. Its also the perfect size to mod an airsoft gun into if thats ur thing.Overall very good gun, totally worth the price.

  9. SeanSean

    This is such an amazing nerf gun based on the Halo universe! They did an amazing job taking the MA40 AR from the game itself! My only complaint would be that they don’t include any batteries with it and just an FYI it takes 4 C batteries.

  10. Atsuma

    -For the low price of 54.00, you are able to purchase this amazing Nerf Blaster in resemblance of the MA40 Assault Rifle.-Compared to most places like Bestbuy, GameStop, and others…You are no longer able to purchase this product due to possible backlog of shipments. So, getting it from Amazon is a massive relief.-Overall, the blaster itself is pretty slick with its pastel color scheme, little details like the push in pull back thingy off to the side, and the accuracy of the blaster’s size is amazing. Decently heavy once you place the batteries in, but it runs smooth.-I would purchase here and hang this bad boy up for all to see.

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NERF Halo MA40 Motorized Dart Blaster — Includes Removable 10-Dart Clip, 10 Official Elite Darts, and Attachable Rail Riser , White
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